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Get to know Vita Pacifica:

Meaning ‘Peaceful Life’ in Italian, I hope my brand is a small reminder for you to live a peaceful life. When first brainstorming name ideas for my very first brand, I wanted to incorporate a few things that mean the most to me. Those things being traveling, living YOUR own peaceful life and Italy; hence the name and my slogan ‘Go Where You Feel Most Alive’!

While ‘
vita’ means ‘life’ in Italian and ‘pacifica’ means ‘peaceful’ in Italian, ‘pacific’ also means ‘peaceful’ in English. Pacific gets its meaning of peaceful from the Pacific Ocean being known to have the most peaceful and calming waters in the world.

With this company, believing in slow fashion, aspiring to be a brand that offers great, quality pieces at an affordable price, I am constantly looking for ways to improve my buying, selling and shipping processes while staying true to my beliefs in ethics + sustainability.

Vita Pacifica was founded in 2023 and I will be running this special business from my own home based in Birmingham, AL. Every order will ship directly from my office and will be packaged with care by our team (ME)!

If you get anything from visiting my site, I hope you always remember to Go Where You Feel Most Alive! ❤️‍🔥

Meet Brooke; traveler, lover of Italy, clothes and advocate for a Peaceful Life:
My name is Brooke, founder and owner of Vita Pacifica. Outside of creating this small business, I work full-time in a corporate business partnerships role and as a travel agent part-time. I travel often, I buy clothes often and I often hope everyone finds their peace in life.

As I speak of you living your peaceful life, I promise myself to take my own advice, not get too wrapped up in running this sweet little business of mine and continue traveling across the world all while being passionate about bringing the best possible shopping/delivery experience to each and every one of you! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read the most important section of my website and I hope to be able to ship something special to you soon! 😊